New Beginnings

Here I am launching my website and a Blog in July 2023. Something I tried to do back in 2022, or was it 2021 even? That attempt failed. Why? Because I was trying too hard? Because I wasn’t ready? A timing thing with the planets not being aligned? Maybe I was still fighting too many demons around my old core belief (I’ll call her Ethel) that I wasn’t good enough. Who knows? We don’t always know for certain why life doesn’t seem to roll out smoothly when we want it to. Well I don’t anyway. And it’s not super clear why, when I approached that same online presence challenge again, it was no longer a challenge. Everything seems to have come together so quickly, without much effort, and with hardly a backward glance from Ethel. I even had some great photos on my phone waiting to slot into place, just like that! Helped efficiently by the (and he probably doesn’t fully realise) intuitive IT magician Neil McNally Design, I am up and running.

What I do know is that every single minute of meditation I give time to helps me to realise my Life’s Purpose. And that my Purpose isn’t some amazingly shocking achievement or accolade, it’s not getting it perfect (or even right) first time. It’s just being content to be me. Doing things my own way. Not comparing myself. Keeping my heart open. Being vulnerable. Being ready to leap when my energy rises to the task. Being Love.

I also know that deepening my already heartfelt connection to nature (the plants, animals, insects, birds, trees and all things earth and sky-bound I haven’t names for) through my personal Wild Therapy sessions and training over the last year, cleared out some hang-ups with being seen and getting out there in the world in all my glory. With the help from all the unseen and seen beings that live in our woodland here at home, and in all the wild places I visit, here I am.

My card readings kept telling me ‘it’s happening’, ‘keep going’, ‘make a plan’ (I eventually made a plan in January 2023). ‘Just trust’ the cards said, over and over again.

Life is full of new beginnings. Each day is an absolute new start. Each minute of the day is another opportunity for us all to take that step towards and into fullness. Sometimes I teeter on the edge, waving my foot around in the air, being too scared of failure to actually make. that. step.

But each moment arrives and reminds me. Just here at the edge is another opportunity to begin.

To press publish. Even if it’s not perfect.